Emma’s Fight

Everything started in May 2012 Emma couldn’t stop vomiting and had epileptic seizures. An MRI revealed an important tumor in Emma’s brain more precisely in the right frontal lobe.Very quickly the diagnostic is set. Emma is dying from cancer. Surgery is inevitable and it is obviously a question of days.

Emma will endure not less than 5surgeries in 4 months. She has been bravely fighting since then, with an unswerving will and joy for life, that no one could never imagine.

Doctors keep being very pessimistic from the start of all this. ETANTR, isn’t really known, those brain tumors diagnosed amoung very young children is part of the PNET family.There are less than 100 existing cases all over the world and none of these child could be cured.

Moreover we discovered after the first surgery that emma’s spinal was touched by the same tumor. No surgery can be made in that zone the tumor is to complicated to reach.

To day we want to testify about what we consider to be a choking   medical system reality and its drifts .

We can’t remain silent when our daughter is still fighting for her life.

It appeared to us that an experimental treatment which could be an issue to Emma’s desease is totally abandonned for the simple reason that it is not efficient for the largest number of patients.

The Doctors understood that we were ready to do anything to save Emma, therefore, she entered an experimental protocole in november 2012.

The tumor was not regressing, but it was not growing bigger either and we were even told in february 2013 that a slight improvement could be noticed. But we learnt last Friday that the experiment was over, and that it would never be commercialised because it could not cure most of the patients it was tested on.

And what if Emma’s chance had beenthere ??

During this long year, emma got 3 heavy brain surgeries,  endless chimios,she lost her hair, she took weight because of her meds, she became blind,stopped walking and finally… found her sight back, started to walk again, wentto school and got her life back, and yet everything is stopped today.

We were told by many specialists all over Europe, that Emma was in good hands, best doctors, best hospitals.

But Emma is still here , waiting for acure and maybe this cure exists somewhere.

Through this page, we want to create a solidarity chain, this way people will talk about it  and maybe offer us a chance to save our daughter, we want to explore every tracks. (sorry for my approximative english)